The Firm

The Firm was set up in Milan in 1923 by Antonio Bana and it currently works, under the form of a Professional Association, in all sectors of corporate criminal law.
With its professionals, the Firm participated in trials of national and international scope, giving a fundamental contribution to the most important evolutions in the case law in the various domains of corporate criminal law, which made the firm a landmark in the Italian criminal law arena.

The professionals of the Firm offer accurate assistance to their national and international clients, providing advisory services and defending them before any Italian Court.
The Firm has always granted its clients – both companies and individuals – the highest standards of analysis of technical-legal issues, with a special focus on the implications that criminal proceedings may have in the personal sphere and privacy of the individuals involved.
One of the distinctive features of the Firm is a close cooperation among its members and, over the years, the consistent sharing of skills and areas of expertise among its partners and associates has turned out to be a fundamental element in ensuring that clients receive the broadest, most meticulous, tailor-made professional assistance.

The Partners believe in the crucial contribution that young associates may offer as they are the future of the legal profession. Hence, with a view to ensuring continuity to their activity, they have always been committed to giving young professionals major opportunities for growth, actively engaging them in the actual preparation of cases since the very beginning, when they are doing their internship.